The Inbetweeners: My personal review

The Inbetweeners, a British made coming-of-age film that depicts four young teenage British boys in a comedic sense, who run a muck trying to fit into the mainstream world, but are literally doing the opposite in almost every social situation they encounter. The movie is well-written, humorous and quite cringe-worthy for different individuals.

In this weeks University lecture, I was told to watch a global movie and write a review. Many of my peers shared their thoughts on what global movies they have watched and enjoyed, and not all but some expressed their love and laughter for the “Inbetweeners” movie. So after doing research and actually watching this film (and heavily enjoying it), I chose to write a review on it.

My research and data I got shared the information with me that the movie was filmed and produced in the United Kingdom, the show itself started off as a British sit-com with a 3 part series, with four main characters Will, Simon, Neil and Jay who are the four most awkward characters you will meet and grow love for as they express their views on every day social situations and how they handle them. ‘The Inbetweeners’ later made its success into the global sphere with the producing of two movies. The 3 series sitcom of the Inbetweeners actually became so successful that it gained over 2.4 million views, which informs you why the audience were so smitten on getting big production movies.

This introduces me into their main target audience, the movie is rated MA15+ in Australia, which gives you insight that this film is aimed mostly at young adults aged 15-25 year olds, although many older audiences enjoy this film and sitcom with its use of cult comedy and awkward adolescence. Although the target audience I discussed may be on the younger demographic, many reviews I read came from baby boomers who loved the film and sitcom just as much as me and were thoroughly entertained with the British use of slang and comedic gestures. “I found The Inbetweeners to be incredibly entertaining. It is also very British, in that the slang, language and humour are very different to what is traditionally seen on American sitcoms.” (Hughes, 2018).

In terms of the cultural knowledge you would need to go along with this film, it is actually quite broad. Honestly, just adapting to the British witty humour of the teens and laughing along to their unfunny cringe-worthy jokes and slang would do you just good. In regards to the cultural knowledge behind this film, I do think that it gives off a local market sense in the United Kingdom and only some people would understand the film and its quirky language and humour, this relating back to cultural proximity as ‘audiences are more likely to prefer content from their own country or culture familiar to them and cultural homogenisation’ (Turnbull, 2019).

The Inbetweeners movie, in my opinion, is extremely funny and one to watch with your mates. I promise that you will chuck a laugh and enjoy these 4 characters quirky personalities and the way they encounter any situation (in the most uncanny way).

Thank you for reading, Sophie x


Hughes, J (2008). “Rotten Tomatoes”, viewed 20th August 2019.

Turnbull, S (2019). “Global Film”, Lecture, Week 3, Powerpoint Slides, viewed 20th August 2019.

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